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AKA:- Noe
Hawaiian | Chinese | Filipino | Portuguese | German | Italian | a bit o' French
4th JC sem. Japanese student
Age:- Jurokusai zo!
B-day:- Sept, 2nd
Fav. Color(s):- Crimson, Deep green, Deep purple, powderblue, light pink.
Fav. Food:- Angel hair pasta and dippin' dots!
Anime, video games, and yaoi. Even better when they're all together! *laughs evilly* Bwahahahahaha!!*cough*

Current Bishounen hang-ups:-
Kurama | Hwoarang | Hisoka | Watari | Cho Hakkai | Sha Kojyo | Tidus | Kazahaya | Zoids' boys | Sagara Sanosuke | Stephen Fung | Legolas (Orlando bloom)
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Toshinori Yonekura | Hiro Yuki | Darren Hayes | Nickelback | Megumi Ogata | Craig David | Michael Jackson | Gackt-sama

Currently Reading:-
George R.R. Martin's 'A Clash of Kings'. Second book from his 3 part saga 'A Song of Ice and Fire'
Anne Rice's 'Blood and Gold' and 'Merrick'
Mercedes Lackey's 'Burning Bright' (Is that it? I'm only kinda reading it. I'm only on, like, page 40 or something.)

Currently forcing me to read @ School:-
Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Suggested Reading: C.J. Cherryh's 'Fortress' series. 4 part saga about how Beautiful Lord Tristen is SO in love with my Lord Crissand. *snicker* (What? He IS! ...heh ^_~ v)
Fiona Patton's 'The Stone Prince'. Wai! Read my review in 1-29-02! ^__^ v (Book Finished)
Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles'(I just got into this series and I've only read 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, and I'm reading 5 and 8(?) right now.)

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    Friday, February 17, 2040
    04:00 a.m.
    Quote of the hour-

    Couple of the Entry-
    Oh my gosh!! Where have I been lately...for like the past...4 months!?!? I've been around!! ^_^ I'm a big senior now, and I'm actually typing this in one of my computer classes that I have sixth period!! I'm excited because it's friday and this is almost the end of the period and then I'm free and have the whole weekend to goof off! Heh heh. Today after school I'm going over to my friends house with my boyfriend so we can watch that new scary movie 'The Ring'....the japanese version!! I already saw the Enlish version and that was so scary!! I'm going to die Sunday by the way...that's exactly one week from when I saw the movie...Ah! That's why I'm posting my last words in this thing!! *cries* That movie was SOOO scary!! I'm such a baby when it comes to scary movies...but I always go and see them anyways! Why do I do that?? ...I'm not actually typing very sensible on purpose anyway...I'm only typing because I like the noise these keys make and I like typing fast on them...even though I have to look at the keyboard and I don't do it right...(fingers on the right keys and all that.) ...but...Maybe I should redo this whole layout? I think that be a very good idea...considering I haven't done that in a long time...but I don't know HTML very well...*cries more* ...What should I do...?? ...I want to go see the Ring...that's what I'll do. Okay? ...Okay! ^_^ v...I guess that's it though bnecause the bell is about to ring soon...Ah! The Ring!! ...Heh heh, Bai-bai!

    Scary Movies are Scary!!

    Monday, June 24, 2002
    10:00 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "It's my puppy!" -Lilo

    Couple of the Entry- SolxKy (Guilty Gear)
    Waaaaaah~!! I've been gone so long~!!!! Hisashiburi desu ne minnasan yo!!!! Ogenki desu kana!?
    Anyway, School's OVER~!!! I got all these awesome schoold friends of mine to sign my fake notebook yearbook and everyone wrote such LONG WONDERFUL things to me~!! *cries* All the seniors are left too! I can't believe it~!! I went to graduation for my cousin but I had to watch all my friends leave too~!! *cries* It was so saaaad T_T. Gah!! Now I'm a senior!! How scary is that!? ...*falls over*
    Yeah and, so my family (Nana, Auntie, and two girl cousins) came from Hawaii for Kela's graduation and we had so much fun~! The girls all wanted shop and goodness did we fullfil their wishes! We must have shoppped for eight hours!! It was crazy! >_< But I got cute hats, new oants, a cute belt, and lots of cool rings, and a dragon necklace. ^_^ v. It was so much fun. We had a little makeshift mainland luau too, with poi (Eww) and lau'lau and long rice (Eww). But it was cool. (I'm not too big on Hawaiian food...Yeah, yeah, I know what you're saying 'A Hawaiian that doesn't like Hawaiian food!?' Yeah well, I'm a mainland born and raised Hawaiian! McDonald's OWNS me!!...
    Speaking of Hawaiians! I just got back from 'Lilo and Stitch' with Lisa and WeiChen! Gahhhh! That movie is so sad~!! I thought it was supposed to be cute and funny!!! >_< It was really pretty, and even though my dad doesn't like how they made their noses (Even though uh...he has one like it). Lilo...was TOTALLY not how I expected she would be. SPOILERS if you read further. I didn't know she was gonna be so much like me!? (A big weirdo that like weird scary things). Maybe I'm NOT different! Maybe I'm more Hawaiian than I think! Maybe it's a gene thing! @_@...oro...

    Additional announcements...GO HERE Wei-chen's new Oekaki board!! Go here!!! Draw with us~!! ^____________^

    Thursday, June 6, 2002
    10:21 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- Some thing about fire that's too long to type.

    Couple of the Entry- SeishirouxSubaru
    *Waves at Mr. D* *Points down* Journal Entries! Do these count? ^____^
    (To those looking on with such confused expressionsI have a creative witing clas tht I...draw in when we write for half an hour. Now I'm trying to turn hese in for credit...heh heh. Hey! They liked anothr one of these I turned in! ^_^ My Hucklebrry Finn one...heh heh ^_^ v.)
    Good night!

    Monday, May 27, 2002
    07:36 p.m.
    Quote of the hour-

    Couple of the Entry- HiwatarixDaisuke(DNangel)-IosxSword(Devil&Devil)
    Boyfriend got me flowers. All is forgiven ^^;;...
    (Those this happened a few days ago...I've just been lazy updating.)

    Didn't do much this weekend. Boyfriend came over, family came over. Boyfriend Wrestled with me in the living room. Boyfriend wrestled little brother and little cousin after. Boyfriend came back next night (last night) and we watched the Saiyuki:Requiem movie until about two o'clock in the morning.(What's 'o'clock' mean, anyway?)
    Well, I also got into two new manga series.
    Devil and Devil;
    the FUNNIEST thing since GTO about a Devil and an Angel who fall to earth after there 101st fight and have to take the bodies of Mortals. The hilariously over-confident, brash Devil Sword ends up taking the body of this geeky boy and the reserved, beautiful Angel Ios ends up with the body of this gangster (They still look like their old forms though. Sword still has his fangs and black hair and Ios still has his pretty eyes and long blond hair.) Well, they end up being twins to each other! And Angel Ios is the older twin who always has to keep Sword out of trouble and save him and stuff even though their enemies and want to kill each other. I've only read the first four books but...Wai! It's so good! ^____^.
    The Seond is DNangel...It's cutsie and not quite Shounen Ai, even though there's this pretty boy (kinda scary) that knows Daisuke is Dark the Theif and always pins him against walls and stuff (Some other stuff too...*sweatdrop*).

    Gotta go empty dish washer! Bye-bye!

    Sunday, May 19, 2002
    12:36 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Dare da?" -Leori to Kurapika (last ep)

    Couple of the Entry- Hunter x Hunter (heh heh)
    Just a quick write:
    All the search engine people that find this site are looking for fanart...And I have a lot of this kinda fanart too! Like George R. R. Martin and Anne Rice and stuff...Maybe I should put it up? *sweatdop* I think people from the Night Island page where I have fanart come here looking for more too...and all they get is my blog...*sweatdrop*...Maybe I'll put a little fanart menu on the side too...when I get back from getting my hair cut, that is. ^_^ ...And after I do my history and English homework...^^;

    Sunday, May 19, 2002
    09:38 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- See below ^_^

    Couple of the Entry- Me x Armand (heh)
    Yipes! Where have I been!? ...Where am I now!?
    heh heh ^_^
    I've been around...Here and there...Saw Spider man twice...hee hee...saw Star Wars...once...but hey! It was cool! The special effects are way cool~!! Way cool! And what a cutie Anikin was! Who cares if he's eventually gonna turn to Darth Vader, right? ...*sweatdrop*...Yeah, anyway, I gotta actually start READING my new Anne Rice books instead of skiming them and only reading the parts with Armand...*sweatdrop* I can't help it! He's so cute~!! I'm so in love with him! I gotta get some quotes for you, bloggy...hand on a sec...
    *goes to get book*
    "He sat on the stone bench, boylike, casual, with one knee crouched, looking up at me with the predictable innocence, dusty all over, naturally, hair a long, tangled mess of auburn curls.
    "Dressed in heavy denim garments, tight pants, and a zippered jacket, he surely passed for human, a street vagabond maybe, though his face was now parchment white, and even smooth than it had been when we last met.
    "In a way, he made me think of a china doll, with brilliant faintly red-brown glass eyes, a doll that had been found in an attic. I wanted to polish him with kisses, clean him up, make him even more radiant than he was. "'That's what you always want,' he said softly. His voice shocked me. If he had any French of Italian accent left, I couldn't hear it.His tone was meloncholy and had no meaness in it at all. 'When you found me under Les Innocents' he said, 'you wanted to bathe me in perfume and dress me in great embroidered sleeves.'
    'Yes,' I said, 'and comb your hair, your beautiful russet hair.' My tone was angry. 'You look good to me, you damndable little devil, 'good to embrace and good to love.'
    That takes place in the middle of 'Memnoch the Devil' between Armand and Lestat. hee hee...See how cute Amrand is! Then Lestat mussed his curls and Armand playfully punch him in the chest. hee, it was cute ^_^.
    But anyway...yeah...not much else...nothing cool anyway...Boyfriend's mad at me...again...Because of a guy friend of mine...again...But who cares!? ...Well, okay, I guess I care...but...yeah, whatever. Okay...Let's get into this because now I want to vent. He's mad at me because a very close guy friend of mine gives me a ride home from school....okay. Now, this guy has never...EVER tried to make a pass at me...EVER. boyfriend gives rides to girls ALL THE TIME and they try and flirt with him RIGHT IN FRICKIN' FRONT OF ME! How can he get mad at me!? I'm getting a ride home! They call him up every fuckin' day of the week to them rides. He even cut school for the girl I hate the most to give her a ride to a fuckin' dentist appointment. What the fuck? ...Okay...*takes a deep breath* *smacks her forehead* Okay, I'm going into unreasonable mode...And I'm cursing...I hate cursing...*sweatdrop*...See what lengths people drive me to!? Why can't I just lock myself in a room somewhere forver with my anne rice books...*falls over*
    Okay...I think I went far enough with this particular entry...^^;
    Dare no Sei da!?

    Tuesday, April 23, 2002
    03:40 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "It's an atastrophy!" -Kyle

    Couple of the Entry- NoexGod Ginrai
    Heh heh. God Ginrai still hasn't responded to my e-mail. I still don't think he really wants me to see what he writes about me. (^^; lol, what a pussy.)
    Che, Obese my ass ( pun intended or anything). Like he's not some fat, jobless, idiot still living in his mom's basement using his dad's old computer. He said something about me having AOL too. Yeah...well I don't like it either! >_< Unfortunately, I don't have much of choice living at my parents house. You can relate, can't you?

    I think pictures are worth more than words

    Doesn't he have anything else to do but torment cute girls like me? (lol ^^;) Maybe he doesn't like girls...^^; But hey! It's his decision! I love boys too! ^_^
    I did this during creative, no...I didn't have anything else better to do at the time.

    But anyway, that huge History Assignment is due tomorrow and I think I gotta gto Wei-Chen's house and help Cassie! I have Japanese tonight too ^^;;;;...But my boyfriend's bringing over the New Kenshin...! Dou shiyooooou~!? ^^;;

    Monday, April 22, 2002
    07:38 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Hello there, Noe. I hate you." -God Ginrai

    Couple of the Entry- NoaruxFlorain-(gorgeous karat)
    lol!!! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! I was looking through my tracker and I found this whole PAGE dedicated to making fun of my blog. MY blog! ALL by itself! My little blog!! People can only get here through a blog, an Anne Rice site, and searching for yaoi on a search engine.
    I don't know what he was doing searching for yaoi but I'm glad he found my blog! He added the perfect definition! He really knows his yaoi! I'm not so sure about the DBZ yaoi that he was talking about, but hey! everyone to their own right? Who am I to judge him? (lol ^^;; I'm not a big fan of DBZ yaoi but...)
    Anyway, I thought the only people who ever saw it was Cassie, Kyle, and Wei-chen!! lol~!! I was so excited, I didn't know what to do. Isn't that sad? I didn't feel in the slightest bad about what he said (Is that weird? ^^;)...and I was laughing so hard! Someone went through all that trouble just to write about ME! I know this is pathetic...but how flattering! lol!! I printed out the article and I'm SO showing everyone at school tomorrow! lol~!!! ^____^ I've never been flamed before...and my first one is this big!! lol! Wow! ^___^ v. (And Kyle was just yelling at me today for not updating my blog! And this is what I find when I do!! lol!!! ^o^.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...*shakes head* I can't get over how funny this is! I alway read those pages on yaoi sites about flames and how they just laughed them off. I SO didn't believe them! I thought I'd feel so bad if anyone flamed me...but this is what it feels like!! lol!! I hope he reads this and flames me again! lol!! (No! I really do! ha ha ha ha! Isn't that strange? ^^;;; I dunno.)
    What really got me is that he talked like he thought I was reading it. Ha ha ha. Like he really thought I'd ever come across it. Why be such a cock that he couldn't e-mail me the address! I would've have been so mad if I had missed this! >_< (lol!) They also said 99.99999% of my quotes were from Anne Rice novels...I'm not very good at math, I have to admite...but 5 out of that even close to 99.99999%...? I dunno but I think some math needs to be checked...^^; (Kyle! Check that for me, dude!)

    But anyway, I gotta change the layout again because this one isn't good at all and I knew that when I made it ^^;. I SO agree with him on that. My first one with Kurama and Kurasu was pretty...then Cafe Kichijyoji was alright...but then I changed some things thinking I had enough time to finish but I didn't have a lot of time. ^^;. I was busy last weekened and the weekend before that and I think I'm busy next weekend...(Happy 18th B-day Wei-chen!)...But anyway, I don't know what theme I should do in either case...Hmmmm....minna nan to omoimasu ka? ^_^

    Check it out! I'm famooooouuuuuus~!!! ^_____^

    < Maybe next time he'll comment on my typos...^^;;
    Unathorized? He needs a good dose of Gravitation or something...^^; (Tonikaku, ore chitsu no tokoro o shitte imasu yo, Ginrai. Demo ne, omae mo shitteru ka? Okaasan mada oshiete imasu ka? ...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

    Tuesday, April 9, 2002
    04:54 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Crawling in my skin! These wounds, they will not heal!" -Linkin Park

    Couple of the Entry-
    Oh my gosh, the layout changed!!
    heh heh, how do you like it? Or do you not like it all!?!?
    ^_^;, well, it needed changing on either account and this is what my feeble mind came up with. Isn't he a cutie? *melets* Another boy to add to my collection! *laughs evilly*...*laughs evilly louder*
    I don't have a lot of time to type 'cause I gotta eat something and head over to my Japanese class, but I'll probably come back and organize this a little better. ^_^
    ???~! ^_^
    Change is...good?

    Monday, April 8, 2002
    09:31 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Oh, got a little crush, ooh, I just can't get enough of that stuff, its such a rush" -DH

    Couple of the Entry-
    Gah, how I love Fanfiction~!! I read the cutest MKR about Eagle and Lantis....Wai! It was so cute! And it's getting kinda scary and dangerous! Who's sending those letters!? If I wasn't so lazy I'd add it to my favorite stories at Her user name there is Lady Iris if anyone who happens to read this entery is curious! ^___^
    But guess what else! Does anyone remember the Tekken 4 story I was going on about? ...Well, the authoress of that fic happened to come upon my blog one faithful day and read the entry I wrote about it!! lol~!! I thought it was the most embarrassing and coolest things ever. What the chances of that, huh? ^__^ it was cool. And she e-mailed me and even showed me these awesome pics she drew *is jealous* T_T.
    I need to find another place to stash my pics. I haven't updated any of my sites in ages...*cries*. I really should get to that T_T.
    Now I'm also stuck in two books and I'm SO almost down the Queen of the Damned but this Burning Brightly book by Mercedes Lackey has got me hooked...Poor little Lavan!
    But Aside from that, we went ice-skating sunday and it was so fun~!! Kyle said something about white mystery 'ass-flavored' skittle and it was all over from there. No more breathing for me after that. lol...(Sweet white assed flavored skittles...*shakes head and laughs* only ^^;;;)
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Friday, April 5, 2002
    04:23 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "All the boys says 'Hey, baby, hey, baby, HEY!'" -No Doubt

    Couple of the Entry-
    Wai! I'm back from Arizona! ^_^ Wr came in at around 3:00 this morning. I bought the new Prphen at this store called 'Hastings'. That store RULED~!! It was a movie rental place at solf VHS and DVDs, Books and Comics/Graphic novels and manga, and Music! It had everything I could ever ask cor in a store! I bought the new Darren Hayes CD and my little brother got Linkin Park (Gah! LP rocks!)
    I also bought the fourth Anne Rice book in the Vampire Chronicles and I'm already almost doen with the Vampire Lestat! That book is so cooooooool~!! Armand, my beautiful Amadeo! *Tackles Marius* No, mine, I say! Back, demon! (Heh heh, yeah right. I love Marius too. *glomps Marius unexpectedly*)
    Anyway, I miss my grandparents already! I miss how everyone calls everyone 'honey' and 'sweetheart' regardless of what age you really are! I miss all the holy country music listeners! All the dirt in every direction for miiiiiiiles~! And the heat! Oh how I already miss the 95 degrees in the shade days! *shivers* Brrrr! It's so cold here~!!!
    I wonder how all my friends are!! Do they miss me~!? They better~!!! ...ha ha. ^_^
    I hope everyone's having a good spring break! Call me soon, guys! I miss you!!! Let's so ice skating~!!!! ^_____^
    Who's Jabez!?

    Monday, March 18, 2002
    08:41 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- Last quote was from The Vampire Lestat by Anne rice

    Couple of the Entry-
    It's funny. I type in my name to see what kind of things the search engine picks up...and all I get is people insulting the Kanoe from Clamp's X! lol! I mean, I'm hopelessly in love with CLAMP...I think it's so cool that they have character with the same name as me while no one else in the whole world does...but...she's so evil~!! I've always thought of myself as a rather...well, mostly sane person! ...(heh heh, no I haven't.)
    But anyway, isn't that funny? ^_^ ? Okay. That's all. Bai-bai ^_^

    Monday, March 18, 2002
    08:37 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Satan, however, was man's invention, a name for the force that seeks to overthrow the civilized order of thin

    Couple of the Entry- Yipe! It's me!
    I want my own domain name~! I want to buy bgut I'm not sure how to! I've been the the server sites that lease space but...all the payment stuff is so confusing! And the best prices are from an English site and I don't know what 30 european dollars are in American~!! *cries* How can I find out...!? *cries*
    Anyway, I saw Resident Evil again and it was still way cool. I want to see it again. It's scary. heh. ^-^
    I also saw the Evanglion movie...That is SAD! Just like the stupid series! *cries*. The guy who created that...He needs HUG or SOMETHING! Someone LOVE him, for goodness' sakes~!! That's so depressing!! *cries* But my Shinji and Kaoru were in it ^___^ That was cool. (わい! カヲル様! 元気だよね! まだ可愛いでしょうね!)
    Also, tomorrow I get to teach two art classes! My old English teacher is having me come to her new school and teach her kids how to draw anime! *Is so excited* I get to get out of class by 12:15 and then she's gonna come pick me up and then after she's driving me to my doctor's appointment at 3:30...*sweatdrops* Her school doesn't get out until 3:05 and my mom doesn't want to cancel...*cries*...But hopefully everything will work out coolio! It never does! I have to hope and pray as hard as I can now~!! *Is nervous*...And then I have Japanese! *cries* I still have to do my homework for that!! Yipes~!! And my homework for English~!! *cries* I have to do all that right now~!! I forgot! ANd here I am writing away in my blog like a big dork~!! *freaks*
    Okay! Gottoa go!! Love you all~!! (hee hee)
    Bai-bai! ^__^
    いやだやだやだよ~!! >_<

    Friday, March 15, 2002
    12:05 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Yeah, Well I'm the Lord of Touch-me-and-you're-dead!" -Deigo from Ice Age

    Couple of the Entry- What the heck are people searching for!?
    I know I haven't been writing much lately~!! I've been lazy and haven't had much time for the computer either~!! *cries* *Glomps Bloggy* I missed you~!!!!
    *Whips back hair*
    But Anyway~!! I saw Ice Age and Resident Evil tonight~!! Waaaaai~!!! Ice Age was so funny...anf Resident Evil was soooo cooooooool~!!! I've been waiting for the Resident Evil movie to come out for the last million years~! Ever since I found out about it in that magazine, when the Night of the Living Dead Romero guy was supposed to do it.
    I'm a bit dissapointed that My Leon Kennedy, Carlos, and Chris Redfield weren't in it *sob**sob*, but it was still a cool movie! (I knew they were all original characters before I saw it anyway. T_T)
    It was SCARY! I went with Wei-Chen, Cassie, Cassie lover (heh), My Boyfriend's cousin, and my weird boyfriend. (heh heh). I didn't get to see Cassie all scared, but I saw Wei-Chen! *laughs* I was laughing through the whole movie! I thought it was so cool! (It was RESIDENT EVIL, I'm the RE Queen!)
    Kyle couldn't see it with us, but we're taking him tomorrow to see it again...*squeaks* Wai! I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear Kyle scream like a girl! lol! Bwahahahahahahaha~!!!
    Well, see ya all later~!! ^_______________^
    Where will the T-virus strike next!?

    Sunday, February 24, 2002
    02:25 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "If in doubt, throw it out"-Motto at the post office

    Couple of the Entry-
    Oh woe, woe, woe is me~!! *Throws herself to the ground and weeps* 'Twas not Leonardo DiCaprio but Matthew Newton, my beautiful Armand~! *Weeps louder* And I was making fun of him so terribly~!! *cries* *cries*
    I saw the movie the second time last night, only at the end did I realize that that was supposed to be my gorgeous Amadeo (Armand). I knew it didn't make sense that I didn't see him everywhere, yet they talked about him being in the movie like it were a major part. *cries* But why did they give him blond hair and blue eyes!? He's supposed to have dark red/amber hair and golden-brown eyes!! And Marius, a beautiful, strong, powerful man with flowing blond hair and piercing, pretty blue eyes was percived as a shorter man with an almost shaved head of coarse brown hair and brown eyes! *cries for Marius*
    Ahhh! My poor, poor Amrand! How they interpret you in the films~!! Oh, woe is me~!! T__T.
    Anyway, I went driving today! ^_^ heh heh, it was fun too. I like going fast, though I'm not really supposed to...I didn't go too fast ^^; I'm still scared of driving. Though that isn't as important as how they abuse their artists' liscense and change all of Anne Rice's beautiful characters...>_< *cries some more* T-T

    Saturday, February 23, 2002
    04:40 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- See below, would you?

    Couple of the Entry-
    My Quote's going here because it's too long to fit up there ^^;
    "In centuries gone by, I might have penned verses in honor of such beauty, that it should come to us to grace God's sooted fold, a lily in the dark he is, a fairy's child planted by moonlight in a milkmaid's cradle to thrall the world with his girlish gaze and manly whisper." -Allesandra from 'The Vampire Armand' speaking of Armand.

    In the dim, halfhearted light of the fast retreating daylight, the visions came to me in my half-slumber. Images long forgotten of my old faith, my lost religion, and I witnessed the drawn out sacrificial torture of an unsuspecting, mortal, male youth. His graceful, ever patient assailant, with elegant, slender hands which provoked melodramatic though beautiful actions, tilted back the boy's thick, rich brown head of long curls, exposing a tender, smooth neck. I watched dumbstruck, not conscious of my body, as the vampire's breath came out in little puffs of warm air against the cold, crisp evening backdrop. Where exactly this was taking place, be it Venice, Paris, was unbeknownst to me, the involuntarily silent vigilant.

    I've been exposing myself to too much Anne Rice ^^;I've been trying to finish 'The Vampire Armand' for the last three-four hours! I have like, 30-40 pages left~!! *cries* But I don't want it to end!! ...But I so DO want it to end! I still have to finish 'Interview with the Vampire and start on 'The Vampire Lestat' and 'The Queen of the Damned'! Gah! ^_^ (*Ah, I'm so tortured, aren't I? lol ^^;)
    Okay, that's it. I'm being an insomnomaniac...Please excuse me while I go be crazy somewhere else. ^^;

    Saturday, February 23, 2002
    12:34 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- "come out, come out, where ever you are...."-Lestat, Queen of the Damned

    Couple of the Entry-
    Queen of the damned~!!! Al I can think about is going to see it again~!! ^____^
    It was so good...the cute guys~! *drools*. My boyfriend kept making fun of me too! He kept pretending to wipe my if! ...*drools*...*sweatdrop*
    *Shakes head to clear it* Gah! I can't! Stuart Townsend was a BEAUTIFUL Lestat! I hever pictured him have brown hair but...hey! He was beautiful~!!! They say an actor named Matthew Newton played my beautiful, tortured little Armand, but I didn't notice that part...^^;...*smashes head against something* Whoooooo~!?!?!?!?
    My GOSH! What they did to my Amadeo's Marius! Short brown hair, old man~!! *cries for the beautiful Marius* Oh, woe is you. ...*sweatdrop*.
    Well, There wasn't as much yaoi as I thought there'd be *sweatdrop*...I mean, there wasn't any at all. Now, I know people have come to believe that I have a pretty yaoi-centeric mind...and...I DO, heh, but I mean, still, with Anne Rice's yaoi-ish style (She DOES like yaoi obviously) I was expecting them to go a bit more by the books...wouldn't that be more respectful towards the author? ...Though it probably wouldn't make as much money ^^;.
    The funniest thing ever was Leo Dicaprio as a long, very blond, curly haired vampire with a chubby face trying to be serious. My boyfriend and I were laughing so muich whenever he came on. I'm not saying he's ugly, goodness no, but he did look a bit odd with the flowing golden curls ^^;. Ha ha
    I feel kinda jealous for my poor Armand too! I didn't know that Lestat was made by Marius! I thought he was made by Amadeo! lol. To think that while my poor little Armand was off somewhere all alone waiting for Marius to come back, he was off teaching and sleeping with >Lestat! *Tackles him for Amadeo's sake* You jerk! No good two-timing stupid jack-...*calms down* *drops Marius*
    Anyway again, ^____^, I loved Queen of the damned! Aaliyah was so beautiful! (..and way scary in that movie. She did wonderfully!)
    Go see it~! ^____^
    Stuart Townsend as Lestat!

    Thursday, February 21, 2002
    10:03 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Oh, DeeeEEEeeeEEEE~!"-JJ from FAKE

    Couple of the Entry- Find a cool Fake site!
    Okay, I was reading something...blah, blah, blah...Anyway, this is about FAKE. I read the manga, I saw the's up with them and not loving my poor, cute, little JJ! I Love him so muuuuuch~!!! He's so cute!
    But anyway, yeah! In the manga they only show him every once and a while and in his main part...he gets beaten up~!! It's so sad~!! *Hugs jj* His love for Dee had to be the funniest and cutest thing ever...I don't see how Dee could ever just ignore him like that!? How could anyone!? *cries for poor JJ*...Now, I don't encourage Dee breaking up rith Ryo (Oh, they're such a cute couple T__T), but can't he just be a little nicer!? Maybe...HUMOUR him a little, flirt with him!? That'd be so cute~!! *cries* Like When Dee patted him on the head...T-T...that was so cute~!! Wai, go JJ! ^_^ v
    JJ rules and you know it!

    Thursday, February 21, 2002
    09:07 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- ""

    Couple of the Entry- \"\"
    I guess I'm gonna have to add a homework section like everyone else ^^;. I feel so lazy right now though ^^;. I just got the vocab and the essay done ^_^ v. I have 'em both uploaded and updated too! ^_^ The essay is here. Warning!: Not for the weak of heart. Kinda sad ^^;.
    But anyway! I think that's it, everyone! Bai-bai ^_^.
    Queen of the Damned!

    Thursday, February 21, 2002
    06:38 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- 展e can only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. -Weichen's Observation Essay

    Couple of the Entry- GreenCheese
    I updated my vocab word list~! ^__^ If you guys need it, here it is!
    Waaaaaai~! I want to see the vampire movie so baaaaad~!! Anne Rice~!! I love you ~!!! ^___^ (And her cute vampire boys, of course. ^_~)
    Anyway, bai-bai, bloggychan.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2002
    05:31 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Bahahahahahahahhaha!" -spongebob

    Couple of the Entry- Yahoo! Groups : Tekkenff
    I hate being a girl sometimes~!! Stupid mood swings in the middle of the month~!! *Throws things* *Kicks things* *Gets angry at the stupidest things*
    Okay ^_^ That's better ^_^.
    I don't want to do homework! I don't! I don't! I don't! They shouldn't be able to make me do it~!! NooOOOooooOOOoooOOOOOOOoooo....*cries*n Ahahahahaboohooboohoo....T_T
    Am I going Craaazy~!? I AaaaaAAAaaaammmMMmm~!!!!
    *falls over*

    Anyway, I saw a cool movie last night called 'Brotherhood of the Wolves'. It was in French...Gh! That movie was so cool! All those guys with long hair and pretty clothes~!! *Swoons* And the fight scenes! ajdsfhuivehtisu, they were so cool! ^___^. Go see it everyone~!!! It's an awesome movie!!! ^_^

    Sunday, February 17, 2002
    1:01 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- Aloooooha~!

    Couple of the Entry- Boomspeed.Com for all your img uploadng needs.
    わいいいいい~! I just got back from a Hawaiian Concert! Bary Flanagan was there~! (The haole part of the band formerly known as 'Hapa'...*cries*.
    Anyway, it was so great! During the middle of the concert...when everything just happened to go silent at the worng moment, I screamed "I love you, Bary Flanagan!" Oh well, it was funny and every laughed...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I was in the balcony seats for the first was weird! I'm used to sitting down in the front! They were good seats though, I saw everything ^_^. I bought him M&Ms. Once, a long, long while ago, Bary told me they were his favorite! I don't know if he remembers that or not ^^;. He probably just thinks I'm a weirdo hawaiian fangirl. (They so craaazy.
    After that, we went to Charrows. Kela was freaking out because she thought she was cursed when it came to that place. She only had a milk shake. I had an iced mocha that tasted like brown water with whipped cream in it and a 'clubhouse'. Kopa ordered some big burger thingy and so did my mom, with a salad. Auntie Shelly got potato wedges and I don't remember what Sheri got...she sat so far away! ^^;.
    Here's the sad part though~!!! As we were walking out of the restaurant, I noticed 2 guys sitting at a table ahead of us. I didn't recognize them but I could see they were our age. Suddenly, as we passed, one of them called my name! He said "Hi Kanoe', and I was like "Oh shoot, I'm gonna have to turn around and say hi to this guy and I don't recognize who he is! ^^;'. Luckily, I remember who he was after only a moment of stupid, suprised expression and quickly fumbled over a 'Oh, hi Evan!'. I was so surpised because this guy never ever talks to me and I've always wanted to get to know him better. かっこい人見たいだ ^^;. The WORSE part is is that he was sitting by this guy that I kinda remember talking to last year...and he's kinda cute and all but...I couldn't remember his name~!!! I think it's...'mike' or something? I felt like such a JERK! He was looking at me too! He was probably waiting for me to say hi to hiiiiim~!! Gah! I feel so mean~!! *cries* T___T. I bet they were laughing about it after I left too. I almost went back in to ask his name but my mom had already come out and it was too late ^^;. I'll have to apologize to him at school tuesday ^^;.
    Well, there was so much stuff going on tonight that I didn't include, but you get the jist of it. I had so much fuuuun! ^_^
    Ha ina ia mai ana ka puana!

    Saturday, February 16, 2002
    Quote of the hour- ぼくと一緒に行こうかなって。。。

    Couple of the Entry- こんどはべつに。。。
    これ は かっこいよね! 私は新しい program を download しましたよ。今私compterで日本語を書くことができますよ! これは楽しそだね? ^_^
    カイル に。。。お前 は ホモ だぞ! こんど は 変わしてみよっよ! ばああああか~!
    おほほほほほほほ~! v^o^v

    Saturday, February 16, 2002
    12:54 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Put all cats in the box...Shake it!" -CKD

    Couple of the Entry- Soul Cage
    How's the new layout?

    These little cuties are from a comic called 'Cafe Kichijouji de'. It's about 5 cute, cute, cute young guys that work in a cafe. ^_^
    My favorite character is Jun Ichinomiya, the little shortie on the end. The guy opposite of him, the creepy one with the purple hair is Hifumi Minakawa...*shudders*...heh heh. He's a cutie too. He has little ghosty swirls on the side of his talk bubble whenever he talks, lol. The funny looking guy in the scarf is Shuuta Tokumi, and the lanky romeo is Maki Ohkubo. Last but not least is the cute Tarou Kurihara in the glasses. ^_^ v
    It's a really cute comic. I hope I can find more somewhere T_T. I want mooooore~!!! ^_^ v. Okay, that's it.

    Saturday, February 16, 2002
    10:56 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- "A la di dada, you are my hero!" -DDR

    Couple of the Entry-
    Okay, this part of the entry is for Kyle. There, Kyle. Did you see that? Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle .
    There! Now get outta my blog! >_< *Boots Kyle to Utah*

    Susan! If you read this, Thank you so much for your kind, kind, kind words. They really touched me. They touched me so much...I don't even know how to put it into words! I wish I could have told you over the phone how I felt but my voice kinda seems to leave me when I'm talking to someone in person ^^;. That story you told me...It's so amazing. I don't have any wonderful stories like yours, but slowly I can feel whatever faith I have returning. I really can. I tried to get myself to forget about god, but there's a love there I can't explain that won't go away. I can't get rid of it. It might be a slow process, but I'm slowly beginning to open myself up to my faith again. Thank you so much for giving that back to me. Thank you so much. ^_^
    Love Kanoe

    Thursday, February 14, 2002
    Quote of the hour- If I'm an angel, paint me with black wings." -Amadeo/Armand 'The Vampire Armand' A. Rice

    Couple of the Entry-

    Pic I drew of Jin and Hwoarang Tekken

    I wanna use this (The B&W version probably) for the next blog layout but...^^;; I think it's too small...and making it bigger would mess it up.
    Anyway! Happy Valentine's day~!
    *Twirls a crimson rose between her fingers, rolls it off her lips and winks* I totally dreaded it, with butterflies in my stomach and everything, but it turned out alright! ^__^. My boyfriend had a BEAUTIFUL thing of flowers sent to my school and they smelled so nice! *Swoons*
    I think we're gonna go out for Valentine's day tomorrow though. Tomorrow's friday and I can stay out later. It'll be fun ^_^. I wanna see 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Aiya, I LOVE that time period...*swoons* and that whole atomsphere...*double swoons*.
    Well, I think I'm gonna go! I have more homework ^^;
    Let's with Jin and Hwoarang a Happy Valentine's day too~! ^_^ v
    Happy Valentine's day

    Wednesday, February 13, 2002
    04:49 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "You're dying, that's all; Don't be a fool. " -Lestat Interview with a Vampire

    Couple of the Entry-
    CC_cat! Here are my vocab words! I haven't added any of yours yet...but don't worry, I will...*sweatdrop*...I totally will. *Is lazy and doesn't like doing her own work* ...I still have stupid history homework to do too~!! Grrrrr! And I have to go Valentines day shopping tooooooo~!!! *cries* *whines* I just wanna eat candy~!! T___T Homework isn't cool!

    Sunday, February 10, 2002
    12:08 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Zaaaaaap"-Kyle

    Couple of the Entry-
    I'm over at a MilkyWay's house w/ cc_cat ^_^. We're about to watch "A Knight's Tale' with HEATH LEDGER~! *fan girlie scream* He's so cute!
    That's all.c ^_^
    Good night

    Friday, February 8, 2002
    08:31 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- OO-DE-LALLY

    Couple of the Entry-
    I'm watching C-san update her blog, lol. It changes every five minutes ^_^. It's so funny. She's trying to create her format and she's obviously doing it through trial and error (Much like I, myself, did!) lol. Good luck, C-san! ^_^

    Friday, February 8, 2002
    04:40 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- What does it all really matter? Who really cares?

    Couple of the Entry- Dottori
    I smile and laugh all the time. I have 8 more masks just like them. I don't mean to sound rude, really, but why show sad emotions to other people when it will only make them sad? I think that's mean. I'm in whatever mood my boyfriend's in. Even in the best of moods he can cause everything to just crash to the ground around me. I love him. I do. It's always when I'm so mad that I seem to notice. I don't tell him. I don't know how to. I feel like such an idiot for saying such things. Like such a girl. So weak. So open. So exposed. So vulnerable. So stupid.
    I'm just a sixteen year old girl. I've seen and been through things in my short existence than anyone in the whole world should go through in their entire lifetime. Hell, people will go through their lifetimes and never have any of these things happen to them. I feel a bit relieved, knowing that. But then I pity those straving in Thrid-world countries and feel like such a jerk for pitiing myself. I'm piting myself. I'll admit that. I pity myself. Is that so selfish of me? Even if I do it here all by myself and not tell anyone else? I'm not bugging anyone. Let me pity myself now and judge me for it later.
    Lucky for me, being a girl and all, I can blame all this shit on PMS and forget about it forever. I think I'll do that if anyone accuses me of having feelings. Blame it on PMS. I've done it enough times in the past, I can do it again tomorrow if I have to.
    I've just got into Country Music. I used to like it a long time ago but kinda just fell outta it. I'm back into it now. It settles my nerves. It's peaceful and soothing. It's all about people feeling sorry for themselves but the beat's not slow at least. I don't like slow, sad music. It's so boring and unoriginal. Being pathetic is so unoriginal.
    I wish I could find my No Doubt CD. I wanna listen to that 'I'm just a girl' song. But I can't find the cd and that pisses me off.
    *Bitter laugh*
    I'm so pathetic. I can't even write about the thing that's really bugging me. I guess I'm too afraid too. I've always done that with things I don't like. Even while I write here, now, I won't admit to myself what happened, what's in my head. It's about my boyfriend. After that goes through my brain a giant metal gate just seems to slam shut and not let me through. I'm protecting myself from myself. It's like the step right before denial. I can't get myself to even address the problem to deny it in the first place. I've come to terms with the fact that I do anything in my power to ru away from undesirable truths that God throws at me. I've also dome to terms with the fact that God seems to hate me. During a history test, actually, I realized this. Why else would all this stuff happen unless someone seriously disliked me? I don't think I believe in God anymore though. Obviously some higher power dislikes me though. Maybe my luck will even get worse now that I admitted that out loud. My little brother will probalby get hit with a truck while he's skating outside. My dad will have a heartattack or my mom will get in a car wreck. My family will all die or leave me and I'll be all alone. Well, alone with my cats unless they die too. I'll always have my friends, right? I have friends I can count on now. I haven't had any for a long, long time. I'm not quite sure why they even stand me though. I'm rude and loud and a total jerk a lot of the times. They still talk to me though. I still hide my feelings from them though. I hide my feelings even from an diary. A diary, a thing that you can unashamedly pour your heart into and I can't even do that.
    What's wrong with me?
    I've always considered myself down to earth. My family considers me that too or else I'd be in counselling every second of my free time. I don't see how opening your soul to some stranger of an old man, whom you've never seen or met before in your life, and tell them your inner most feelings is supposed to help you. Spilling my soul into these blogs helps me more than anything else does. I just have my akward moments when I need to unscrew the bottle of my pent up emotions and pour myself a glass of BS (In the form of my diary entries, of course.)
    Writing really does help me. I feel so much better now then I did when I started this. I think I'll end here though. I'm outta energy to agnst. This sitting in the crapper really take a lot outta a person, ya know?
    *Puts on a smily mask*
    Well, time to go back out in the real world.
    PMS...Ain't it a bitch?

    Friday, February 1, 2002
    Quote of the hour- "To be Great is to be Misunderstood" -Ralph Emerson

    Couple of the Entry-
    I know I should probably type up something of a some value here...but at the moment..nothing really interesting is coming to mind...^^; Be back, I suppose! ^_^ v

    Tuesday, January 29, 2002
    06:26 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "I suppose. I liked her better in Breeches" -Prince Demnor, 'The Stone Prince'

    Couple of the Entry-
    I added my first blog today! ^__^ v. The blogstress that kindly allowed me use her awesome blog was so nice too! I recommened any YnM fans to go check it out! The layout's so pretty! ^_^ v. (Thanks so much for letting me use it, Leareath-san!)
    I went to Borders with my boyfriend after school yesterday...*swoons* I love bookstores. I love fantasty books...*swoons deeper* I found the GREATEST book! PERFECT for the insatiable yaoi heart! It's called 'The Stone Prince' by Fiona Patton. It's about this 24 yr. old prince and his 'Companion' which all royal people have it seems, though Companions are usually of the same sex as the person who 'Buys their contract'. Kelahnus is the Prince's BEAUTIFUL (The author express that quite regularly), seductive, 23 yr old, long-golden haired lover. The best thing about it that they really ARE in love. It's a passionate, unyeilding love at that. *swoons*. There a lot more to the plot, of course, but their love is one of the main themes. ^___^ CHECK IT OUT! ^_^
    I also got Interview with a Vampire, by Anne Rice, along with The Vampire Armand, also by Ms. Rice. I got another fantasy book called 'Dragon's Winter' by E. Lynn. That, while the plot twists around a younger twin stealing the lover of his older twin (Literally taking him away, not his heart, which still belongs to the older twin, the Dragon-lord) the story actually revolves around an older guy named 'Wolf' and his wife and newborn child. It got a little boring after the first 70 pages (I actually stopped at page 70)...that's when I put it down and picked up 'The Stone Prince'....*swoons again*. ^_^ (I go Sorcerer Hunters #7 too, btw. heh. Marron wasn't in it too much though. T_T )
    So, after half dragging my bored, sleepy boyfriend out of the bookstore, I got home and read the rest of the night ^_^ v. STONE PRIIiiiiiIiiiiiiiNCE~!! ^_^

    Gotta go to Japanese! See you all later~! ^_^ Not enough time to check for typos ^^;
    'Stone Prince' by F. Patton~!

    Sunday, January 27, 2002
    08:05 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- If I were a video game

    Couple of the Entry-
    What Video Game Character Are You? I am Kung Fu Master.I am Kung Fu Master.

    I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character Are You?

    You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and also a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others, even if it means some personal sacrafices for you.
    Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take thetest.

    Yuna~!? Of all people...!? *cries* Nooooo~!! ...No wait...! *Glomps Tidus* Whoo hoo! I could get used to this~!!
    Tidus: Noo~!! Yuna~!!! *Struggle*
    Noe: Yes, my love? ^___^ (lol)
    Tidus: Noooo~!! *Is drowned out by insane, wicked, laughter*

    Sunday, January 27, 2002
    07:15 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "I'm gonna fong you in the arse!" -Wat 'A Knight's Tale'

    Couple of the Entry-
    I watched 'A Knight's tale' with the commentary on today. That's pretty Interesting...and quite funny ^_^. It's the Director's talking about the movie with the guy who played Chaucer, the Herald. You know how Wat says 'Fong' all the time? It's a real word! It means 'to kick'. lol!
    There were a lot of mistakes in that movie! Isn't that strange how you don't notice those things? I'm kinda dissapointed and wish I hadn't watched it. It's still cool though. They tell what the actors did at certain parts behind the scenes and where they struggled. It's cute. ^_^ Apparently, Rufus Sewell (The dark antagonist) held giant, outrageous parties all the time. Sounded like fun. ^_^
    I haven't beaten FFX yet...and though I've watched all of MGS2...*sweatdrop*...I haven't actually beaten it myself yet. *Drops to a whisper*...I'm only playing it so I can get to that nude-raiden part! I'm SO in love with Raiden...but then again, I'm SO in love with Snake too! He's got that...rugged, I'm way too cool to speak to you, kinda air about him. I love that! ^_^ And Raiden...well, he's just a cutie.
    Little fact you learn from harrassing snake enough through the codec: Vamp, though very close to Fortune, isn't her lover! Vamp was Fortune's FATHER'S lover! Can anyone squeal enough for that!? lol! I mean, get outta here! That's wild! I had to watch his intro scene again with that soldier just to make sure...*laughs*...geez, if he's so yaoi...why was he planning on killing the cutest guy in the game!? *Grabs Raiden protectively* lol.
    Ants moved to the bathroom! It's was scary! They were all over the sink with a THICK trail moving down the counter! *shrieks*
    Dad took care of them though...*evil snicker* ...Bwahahahahaha! Heh.
    My little brother's going to try and steal the computer from me...Che! Yeah, that's what I say to him...Che! I don't think so, lil' bro. Go bang your head against something. (heh heh)
    I have to take SATs in March! I'm so scared! I'm planning on going to University of Hawaii...If anyone has any advice on SATs...please give them to me! T_T
    Atama ga ii ja nakute kedo... T_T

    Sunday, January 27, 2002
    Quote of the hour- "cause you're such a pretty thing when you're done up properly" -Alanis

    Couple of the Entry-
    What's up with all these angsty Bloggers? Where's the light of people's life, eh? It gets kinda tiring after the first fifteen depressing web logs I come across, then it just gets mundane and feels unoriginal. Hey, I'm not saying everyone should just jump up and say 'Hip-hip for Life! Hooray for Sunshine!' or anything...I just mean...Try and have a little fun, yeah? ^_^ v We're only graced with one life, y'know!?
    I haven't anything against being cynical every know and then. I'm occassionally thrown into my fits of bitterness and wry humour. When certain things happen in a person's life (namely, my own), you begin to feel you have to right to cynicalness. Like it was created just for you. You smile bitterly to yourself at akward times at an ironic, quaint, turn-of-events, or stupid inside joke at just the wrong times. Has happened to me a hell of a lot more than I can count...but I ain't too good with numbers...
    I always say 'ain't' when I'm in my Cynical mood...Is that, like, my tough voice or something? lol. I guess it is. I like acting tough. Ha ha...I make for a real threat too at my startling 5" nothin...Yep, a real champion soaring high, aren't I? Hey! I'm down here! -_-
    I don't remember ever feeling this way before my older brother died, but eh, who knows, really?
    Hell, maybe it just came with age and this is how I would have acted anyway.
    Wouldn't it be strange if oddness just came naturally? *Bitter laugh* Right on cue.
    Anyway, blogs are cool. Especially with this whole 'add enty' thing. No more having to type in all that HTML garbage first and messin' with all that stuff. *thumbs up to Pitas*
    -Don't I ever SLEEP?-

    Saturday, January 26, 2002
    11:31 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Your breasts...are below your throat." -Willam Thatcher 'A knight's tale'

    Couple of the Entry-
    Lol...Gosh, I love that movie. Maybe I should make a Heath Ledger layout...That'd be too cool ^_^.
    I need to buy the Yami no Matsuei manga...*cries* I have the series...but I hear the manga is SO much better! I LOVED the series if you can get better than that, bring it on, I say! ^_^
    I think I may have gotten back into Graviation again too...*sweatdrops*...but I can't find my 6-10 tape! I have NO IDEA where it is, too! *cries* ~!! And now it seems like I have eps 1-2 from the same fansubbers I got 1-5 and 6-10 from...though I got 1-2 from another company! I think my tape got switched with someone else's...but how can that be!? *cries* It doesn't make sense! I dont get it~! ...Doko ni itchata no, bideosama~!?
    Shuichi is so adorable! *cries* How can Yuki be such a jerk to him! It's blasphemous even! A sin, I tell you! A sin! *Kicks Yuki* ...*kicks him again* You jerk! If he'd only stop avoiding his Shuchan long enough to SEE what a total cutie he is...-Layoff writing his stupid onna-otoko romance novels-...NOTICE what a total JERK he is...maybe Shuichi-kun could have a little fun, da yo ne!? *Huffs and puffs* ...well, isn't that true? ...*sweatdrop*
    *Calms and takes a chill-pill*
    Heh heh...This totally isn't what I was planning on writing for my blog entry tonight...isn't it strange how things like this just explode out? I'm such a nut, lol.
    I was reading other people's bloggers today...they're awesome. Some people can do some pretty amazing things with HTML and Javascript...I'm so jealous! Me with my scrappy little wannabe-coolio html...*double sweatdrops*...pity me! T_T

    Ants took over my house! They're invading! Just tonight they took over our Microwave! ...I mean...what the heck!? That was the LAST PLACE I ever thought I'd see them...I never even thought about them getting to that! The reason I was cleaning my room is because they got to a tin of popcorn I got for christmas and rioted their way through all my papers and stuff on the floor and on my table/desk/stacking surface. It's crazy! They're EVERYWHERE! When are they going to take my little brother!? heh.
    Seriously, though. This ant thing is total insanity. They really are everywhere...How do we get rid of them? Our house isn't bubble-wrapped, but we keep it fairly clean in terms of messy, sticky, gross, ant-food terms. All we really mess our house up with are papers and a vast, dark sea of tangled game consol chords. *makes a face* I don't see how they're so in love with us. >_<
    To make a long story shorter...
    I am SO not liking ANTS right now!

    Saturday, January 26, 2002
    08:10 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Uso ja nai!" ~Toshinori Yonekura-sama

    Couple of the Entry-
    Wai~! I love Toshinori Yonekura. He's a VERY cute japanese singer. He sings so good too~! AND he has awesome english! ^_^ v. *Melts at the sound of his voice* ...waaaai...
    Tonikaku, I bought 'A Knights Tale' ^___^ Heath Ledger is SO cute...*sighes* He looks so good with long hair~! Just like Orlando Bloom! (Legolas) It's always either not real of they cut it right after! It's horrible~!! *cries* T_T. *Glances at the 'Knight's Tale''s cover* ...*sighes happily again* This movie is so funny. That redhead...oh my gosh. He's hilarious. "Pain! ....PAIN!" Heh heh ^_^. I haven't watched my bought ver. yet it though...^^; I had to SLEEP, remember! Lol. I fell alseep cleaning my room...ha ha ha ha ha ha. I was going through papers...then my legs go all jelloy so I sat on my bed and konked out...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Should I go on date tonight? ...*thinks*...I went out my boyfriend yesterday...It was our Friend's B-day and we took him out to Lunch with his Girlfriend and a couple friends of mine...(I have this...*thing* with his girlfriend...*sweatdrops* We used to be best friends...but then she started hitting on my boyfriend and it pissed me off...It's not that I WANT to not be friends with her....*double sweatdrops*...kinda...It's just, I get angry whenever she's around. I guess it's just my problem. It really must be. Jealousy's a curse in my family...*laughs* I get it from my dad...ha ha. It doesn't help that my boyfriend's got jealousy problems
    My boyfriend's SO cool~! He likes practically everything I like...Except his thing for Britney Spears (What's up w/ Asians and BS!? and my thing for Darren Hayes ^___^ (About the last Asian comment...Ha ha! I'm not racist! I'm almost 1/3 Chinese-Philipino! lol The other third is a 1/4 Hawaiian, then 1/8 German and 1/8 Italian. I got some portugese in me too ^^;)

    Anyway! Darren Hayes! He's a soloist now! *cries* I don't know if that's so cool...He could flop! That'd be so sad~! I hope he doesn't~!! But his songs don't seem so popular...*cries harder* ...Ganbatte da yo ne, Darrensama~!!! He's got such a great voice~! It's so pretty! (Just like him! ^_^ ) And his songs are so beautiful and angsty! I can't wait to but his new CD~! ^_^ v Kimi o aishite imasu yo, darrensama~!

    Utau~utau Koto!

    Friday, January 25, 2002
    06:33 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- Anything about Jin and Hwoarang

    Couple of the Entry- My page
    Okay...I haven't been to sleep yet and I think I'm going crazy! I haven't worked on you Bloggy! Are you mad at me...!? *cries* wait...I did work on you, shut up! Just kidding! Don't cry *hugs bloggy* ...GAHHH! I'm SO going insane~!! And I still have to clean my room today~!! I won't get to sleep until 6:00 am next morning~!! I'm read the coolest JinxHwoarang story though so now I'm all excited! ^___^ The Authoress took it so seriously and beautifully and it was so funny toooooo! One part was SCARY though! Like when Jin went Devil and almost killed my poor Hwoarang! Then Jin fell asleep though and Hwoarang waited for him to wake up and threw bars of soap at! Check my favorite authors at, I'm Crimson Assassin there ^_^ v. My JinxHwoarang SO sucks compared to hers~! I should just take mine down~!! Mine has as many reviews as hers does though...heh heh. *is proud* Mine's been up 4 days longer though...*cries again* ...T_T;;;;;;;

    Friday, January 25, 2002
    12:46 a.m.
    Quote of the hour- "Damn those Squarepants!" -Host of the Daily Show

    Couple of the Entry-
    I can't get over how cool this whole thing is...What should I talk about..? *scratches head*
    Did I see any cool anime today...? *Thinks* Not that I can remember...Oh wait! I wonder how popular that 'Zoids' on Cartoon network is? I didn't like it at first...but I started watching it before school and now I'm totally hooked! It's my motivator to wake up in the cold mornings~! Brrrrr!
    I haven't gone as far as Fanart or anything yet...but Jaime and Harry are so cute! And Bit and Brad! ^___^ I don't even totally hate the main chick, Lina! I think she's funny ^_^ v.
    Anyway, *ties hair back and goes into super blog mode* I think I'm gonna stay up all night and study this thing *looks determined*...*yawns*...*shakes head and tries to look determined again*

    ...I need COFFEE!!

    Wednesday, January 23, 2002
    10:35 p.m.
    Quote of the hour- Gah! Final!

    Couple of the Entry-
    Wai! This is so cool! ^_^

    U'a mau ke e'a o ka a'ina i ka pono o Hawai'i